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About Us

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Little About Us

“Pequeñines” is a little seed planted with love and hope!

Here at “Pequeñines”, we aim to provide families with flexibility, love and a rich curriculum. Our classroom design and low ratios gives us the flexibility to give your child the personalized attention they deserve. Our founder has been in the Early childhood education field for over a decade, with practical experience in 10 different countries. Being a mother herself, she is invested in providing the quality education and care every child deserves, including her own.

Our aim is to develop all the skills your child needs to become the best version of themselves, not only in English but in Spanish as well! We value individuality and encourage children to be themselves, keeping their values and promoting the importance of seeing the beauty in other cultures.

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Our Curriculum.

Our founder has traveled over 30+ countries as a teacher, consultant, trainer and curriculum developer. Pursuing a PhD in childhood psychology she understands what is needed in a classroom in order for children to feel safe, loved and develop skills organically. After returning to NYC, becoming a mother and starting her own Daycare and later a Preschool she designed Pequenines curriculum specifically catering to families looking for language development through cultural connections while maintaining a traditional learning environment and model.  We aim to tackle the development of basic and important skills while nurturing curiosity, individuality and an environment of equality and love. Our 40 / 60 language model allows the development of English and Spanish simultaneously and efficiently. Our music, cooking, gardening and art classes are all lead by professionals that will plant the seeds of curiosity in your child's developing mind and uncover their hidden talents and interest. We believe that the most important thing in the most critical years of a child's life is their socio-emotional health and the encouragement of learning through love and support. 

Our Team

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Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich

Founder & CEO

With over a decade of experience in a dozen countries around the world Lissarette settled down in New York to make her own family. Working with children has been the biggest passion of her life and having a child of her own now she aims to create for him and many others the educational model that focuses on the things she has seen are necessary for children to thrive in our modern society no matter where they go.

Her education started with a Bachelors in Education followed by a Masters in Early childhood from the City College of New York.  And now with a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic with a fully bilingual education, I started my career as an assistant teacher at the age of 15. I continued my path into the education field and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Education.

Over the years, I was blessed with opportunities to travel over a dozen different countries teaching ESL and doing volunteer work in local communities. These opportunities not only enriched me professionally but culturally and opened my horizons to incredible people and added several other languages to my repertoire.

As a Director, I’ve tested my ability to plan, design and implement curriculums from many different regions of the world. I passionately love my work as I am confident that we can create an incredible journey for your children, with a lifetime of love for languages and understanding what our different cultures have to offer.

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Viktor Nisnevich


While currently working as a Director of Finance for the New York’s First Proton Center in our own East Harlem Community, Viktor is now helping our dreams come true as a financial advisor at Pequeñines.


Martina Hasangjekaj

Dual Director of Education
Lead Teacher (Pequenines Classroom)


Martina attended Brooklyn College, where she completed her bachelor's in childhood education and is currently pursuing a master's in childhood education. Licensed in the state of new york and with three years of classroom experience and all the energy to embrace this marvelous field, Martina joins Pequenines as our Dual Director of Education. 


“Coming from a huge family, I always found myself surrounded by children, which made me gravitate toward the field of education. I look forward to furthering the learning experiences of all the children who come into our happy place.”


Martina understands the importance of the early years and their impact on the life span. She hopes to continue her professional career to influence future generations to create a better world.

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Carlyoris Burgos.

Co-Teacher (Pequeñines Classroom)

Carliorys possesses a CDA in child development. She's well versed in all things early childhood but more than anything is a nurturing and patient instructor that embodies the philosophy of Pequenines. She started her journey working with children as an assistant teacher. She's been working with children for the pass 3 years . She enjoys every aspect of teaching and have realized in my years of working with kids that they can teach us as much as we teach them !

Rosa Ysla




Lead Teacher


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